James Cameron’s AVATAR Is Over 150 Minutes?!

     June 4, 2009

bleeding_eye_01.jpgI know I shouldn’t be shocked that James Cameron would get ridiculously indulgent with his big 3D film “Avatar”, his first non-documentary film in 12 years.  But /Film’s report that the film is coming in at “well over two and a half hours” and possibly even at “3 hours and 9 minutes”.  The film is expected to run in 2D, Digital 3D, and IMAX 3D but /Film editor Peter Sciretta notes that IMAX could be a problem since it can only run at 160 minutes, maximum.  So even if the film isn’t 189 minutes, “well over two and a half hours” doesn’t give a lot of space between 150 minutes and the 160-minute-limit.  Sciretta’s trying to find out if IMAX will chop down the film but has yet to hear back from them.

Personally, I find a 3D film this long physically impossible.  I mean, I’m sure they’ve figured out a way to do it where optomitrists won’t be issuing warnings, but I know my eyes were worn out by “My Bloody Valentine 3D” and that’s only 100 minutes.  Unless watching the full film in 3D allows you to see the face of God, I think I’m going to pass and just see it in 2D and rely on silly things like “character” and “story” to hold my attention.

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