James Franco in Talks to Star in Sam Raimi’s OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL After Johnny Depp Passes

     February 4, 2011


And the revolving door on the production of Oz, The Great and Powerful keeps on spinning. Just two weeks ago, it was reported that Johnny Depp was in talks to star in the film as the titular Oz following Robert Downey Jr.’s exit from the project a few months back. Well, now it looks like Depp ultimately passed on the film late last night and producers are now in talks with James Franco to tackle the role of the Wizard.

Sam Raimi (the first three Spider-Man films) is set to direct the prequel/re-imaging of The Wizard of Oz which would tell the story of how the Wizard came to end up in Oz and become the all-powerful Wizard. Heat Vision reports that the film is a top priority for Disney and producer Joe Roth hopes to start shooting during the second half of this year. Franco seems a bit of an odd choice, but he usually knocks every role he takes on out of the park. If he ends up joining the film, it’ll be interesting to see his take on the character. To catch up on this long-gestating project, click here.

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