James Gunn Video Interview SUPER; Plus an Update on His Short Film in the Farrelly Brothers MOVIE 43

     April 7, 2011


With director James Gunn’s superhero flick Super playing in limited release and VOD, I recently got to sit down with him to talk about the movie.  As you might expect from Gunn (Slither, PG-Porn), Super is violent, twisted, and darkly comic.  I had a lot of fun watching it.

During the interview, Gunn talked about the history of Super and how the project came together (a lot of it has to do with Jenna Fischer), casting Kevin Bacon, the violence in the film, his thoughts on video on demand, his short film in the Farrelly brothers Movie 43, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Ellen_Page_Super_movie_imageFinally, if you missed my video interviews with Liv Tyler, Rainn Wilson or Ellen Page, click the links.

James Gunn

  • :29 Gunn talks about his go-to karaoke song.
  • 1:13 Why he cast Kevin Bacon in the film. Says he’s one of his four or five favorite actors. Originally had someone else cast in the role that Bacon ended up playing. The original actor was fired from the film. Says he’s the easiest actor he’s ever worked with.
  • 3:20 The origins of the story. Wrote the first draft in one day in 2002, which was 57 pages long and originally intended to be a short film. Says the film now is largely the same as when it was written in 2002. Had financing for the film back in 2004 but couldn’t agree on a lead actor. Was really hard to get made because it was so dark. Jenna Fischer recommended Rainn Wilson to star in the film. Says the film exists because of Fischer.
  • 5:30 Talks about the violence of the film. Says there was no line he was unwilling to cross. But says in the original script there was one violent scene that he subsequently altered involving Ellen Page’s character.
  • 6:28 His thoughts on Video-on-Demand. Says that’s the way of arthouse film nowdays. Was afraid it was going to become Meteor Man, and felt as if the film was actually an arthouse movie. Says it allows people to make the kinds of movies that are rarely allowed in Hollywood.
  • 7:40 Talks about Movie 43, a Farrelly brothers project that’s a bunch of shorts directed by different comedy directors. Gunn’s short stars Elizabeth Banks, Josh Duhamel and an animated creature. Calls the film “sick, twisted and extreme.”
  • 8:38 Future projects. Has a raunchy comedy script that he’s currently dealing with and is fielding a couple of other offers. Says he’s doing another movie soon.


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