James Gunn to Make SUPER Film with Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler

     September 10, 2009


It’s been a couple of years since we last saw a James Gunn film in the theaters.  The writer-director’s last film, “Slither”, came out in 2006 and ever since then he’s been missing in action even though he’s kept busy with his hilarious PG Porn shorts. As much as I love his shorts, I’m happy to see the news tonight that Gunn has written and will direct a comedy that takes aim at the superhero genre named “Super” that will star Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler.  You can find out more when you hit the jump.

Variety gives us a plot synopsis for the film by telling us that Wilson will play an average guy who “takes on the pseudo-superhero alter ego of the Crimson Bolt, after watching his wife (Tyler) fall under the spell of a charming drug dealer. Lacking super powers, he compensates by swinging a trusty wrench.”

I like Gunn a lot, mostly because of his screenplay for the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, and I trust him enough to deliver another fun film.  I just hope that Gunn and Wilson are going to try to aim for a more subtle kind of comedy and not go for a wacky over the top kind.  I like Rainn Wilson a lot, but as much as I like him, he makes me cringe when he decides to go over the top.  I’m definitely interested and intrigued though and I love that we have come to such a point with superhero films that we are now getting all of these different takes on the genre like this film and last years criminally under seen, “Special”

“Super” hopes to begin production in December. As always, we will keep you updated.


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