Fox and Hugh Jackman Want James Mangold to Direct THE WOLVERINE

     June 15, 2011


Many readers of the site checked out of The Wolverine at the same time Darren Aronofsky did.  It’s difficult to stay rational in the bold awfulness of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so I understand why so many forget that Wolverine is a damn cool character, Hugh Jackman owns the performance, and Aronofsky is not the only director who can deliver a good Wolverine movie.  And I think Fox proved earlier this month with X-Men: First Class that they’re back on track with the comic book property.  A shortlist popped up in May with eight possible Aronofsky replacements, Adam singled out James Mangold (Knight and Day) as a promising candidate, a recommendation I co-sign.  More importantly, though, Mangold is the first choice of Jackman and Fox to direct The Wolverine according to Deadline.  Deadline suggests “negotiations are about to get underway,” but Variety reports the hire more officially, so expect Mangold to stick.  I like this.  I understand if you don’t, but if so, I ask that you express your discontent thoughtfully.

The script for The Wolverine comes from Christopher McQuarrie (Valkyrie), and sets the bulk of the story in Japan.  Production is tentatively scheduled for the fall.

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