James and Oliver Phelps Talk HARRY POTTER at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

     November 15, 2011

James and Oliver Phelps HARRY POTTER The Wizarding World of Harry Potter interview slice

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 getting released on DVD/Blu-ray a few days ago, Warner Bros. Home Video invited a number of reporters from around the world to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida to help promote its release.  While there, I got to speak with the cast as well as some of the filmmakers behind one of my favorite films of the year.  Over the weekend I posted the interviews with director David Yates and Warwick Davis, and now I’ve got James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley).

During the interview they talked about how the theme park’s Butterbeer compare to the Butterbeer they drank onset, their reaction to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, their memories from making the movies, were there any deleted scenes that still haven’t shown up on the home video releases, the camaraderie with the other actors, the best pranks they pulled during the run of the series, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, look for more interviews for Harry Potter everyday this week.

James and Oliver Phelps Time Index

  • :14 Their first reaction to walking through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.
  • :42 How does the park’s Butterbeer compare to the Butterbeer they drank onset?
  • 1:06 Talk about getting recognized walking around the park and interacting with fans. Tell a story about a little kid asking them what he should get from the joke shop.
  • 3:16 What’s the furthest they’ve been that where they’ve been recognized?
  • 4:11 Talk about their memories from shooting the films. Say they all kind of blend together, but they could pick out one memory from each shooting period if they had to.
  • 5:03 Talk about what it was like to eat with the entire cast every day in their gigantic cafeteria onset. Around the cafeteria was a bunch of glass boxes that each housed props from the older films.
  • 6:31 They say there weren’t any scenes they filmed that were cut from the last movie, but there were a few that were written that they never shot. Say there are a couple of deleted scenes from the first two films that didn’t make it to the final cut.
  • 7:33 Their relationship with everyone throughout filming. Talk about the camaraderie. Towards the end of filming the last movie, all the actors that had been with the series the longest went to dinner at Emma Watson’s house and had a nice evening together away from the cameras and everything.
  • 9:02 They talk about the best pranks they pulled during the run of the series.



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