James Wan Says His Next Film Won’t Be ‘Aquaman 2’

     June 28, 2019


When filmmaker James Wan next gets behind the camera, it won’t be for the superhero sequel Aquaman 2. The Conjuring and Saw director made his blockbuster debut with the worldwide smash Furious 7, then subsequently made the move to superheroes for Warner Bros.’ Aquaman. While the Jason Momoa-fronted film was considered a bit of a risk, it went on to gross $1.1 billion to become the best-performing film of the current DCEU era. Naturally Warner Bros. was quick to start development on a sequel, and while the hope is that Wan will return to direct, he’s not yet confirmed.

Even if Wan does direct Aquaman 2, he says it won’t be his next movie. Speaking with CinemaBlend, the filmmaker declined to confirm that he’ll direct Aquaman 2, but did tease that he’s got a different project altogether that he will next helm:

“I think I kinda know [what I want to direct next] (laughs)… It won’t be Aquaman 2 just yet. I have something else I’m cooking up. I’m not ready to share just yet.”


Image via Warner Bros.

After making Furious 7—which by all accounts was an arduous process, for many reasons—Wan decided to go back to horror and something relatively smaller scale with The Conjuring 2. It was only then that he agreed to direct Aquaman in the first place, so it’ll be interesting to see if Wan’s next project is something on an even smaller scale to mix things up, or possibly even a return to horror.

While Wan hasn’t directed a horror film since The Conjuring 2, he’s been very involved in the building out of the Conjuring universe, producing films like The Nun, Annabelle Comes Home, and the upcoming The Conjuring 3. So perhaps his next project is in a different genre altogether.

As for those worried this means Wan won’t end up directing Aquaman 2, the sequel isn’t set for release until December 2022. He could easily squeeze in another film to shoot late this year, release in 2020, and still have enough time to prep, shoot, and edit the Aquaman sequel. Although he does remain noncommittal here, so it’s also possible he moves into a producer role on the superhero follow-up.

Whatever the case, we now have confirmation that the next James Wan joint will not be the Aquaman sequel. I’m very curious to see what he has cooking up.

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