Director James Wan Talks THE CONJURING, Deleted Scenes, Test Screenings, FAST AND FURIOUS 7, and INSIDIOUS 2

     July 18, 2013


Director James Wan’s (Insidious) horror film The Conjuring opens this weekend.  The film is based on the story of the Perron family who inhabited a haunted Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970s.  Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston play the Perrons, and Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren, who encounter the most horrifying case of their career.  I found the movie to be extremely well done, and I’d definitely recommend checking it out.  For more on the film, watch some clips.

At the recent San Francisco press day, I landed an exclusive video interview with James Wan.  He talked about juggling three projects at once (The Conjuring, Insidious 2 and Fast and Furious 7), the editing process, deleted scenes, the test screenings, and more.  In addition, I got updates on Insidious 2 and Fast and the Furious 7.  Hit the jump to watch.

james-wanJames Wan Time Index:

  • :04 Talks about the press process
  • :35 Juggling three different projects at once
  • 1:10 How long was his first cut?
  • 1:37 Talks about cutting 20-30 minutes out of the film. Says he doesn’t like the idea of adding scenes back in on the Blu-ray. Explains why he decided to release an uncut version of Saw
  • 3:05 Explains what he cut out of The Conjuring
  • 3:50 Talks about the incredibly positive test screenings
  • 4:43 His reaction to the release date change
  • 5:37 The editing process on Insidious 2
  • 6:25 Fast & Furious 7 talk. Is he intimidated by the pressure to have the film made by next summer?
  • 7:42 Talks about the evolution of the FF franchise and how it’s not as grounded as it used to be. Says he hopes to put his stamp of suspense on the franchise.


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