Jamie Foxx to Star in, Produce and Score Animated Film WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

     April 14, 2010


Jamie Foxx is making his animated film debut with Welcome to the Jungle for 20th Century Fox Animation.  According to Variety, the film is based off an original pitch from Foxx and writer Malcolm Spellman (Our Family Wedding).  Foxx will star in, produce, and score the movie.  Not much is known about the story beyond Spellman’s total non-hint, “Life is a jungle and welcome to it,” which is a lot describing Raiders of the Lost Ark as, “A Lost Ark is going to get raided.”

Foxx will next be seen this November alongside Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. in Todd Phillips’ Due Date.  The actor has also signed on to co-star with Bruce Willis in the adaptation of the Kane & Lynch videogame.

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