Jane Krakowski on a ‘30 Rock’ Reunion and the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Interactive Special

     May 13, 2020

Making the new Netflix special Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend was a joy for series star Jane Krakowski, who was thrilled to reunite with not just her fellow castmates from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock‘s recently concluded comedy, but some new faces as well.

But, as she reveals in this video interview with Collider, the challenges of making Kimmy Vs. the Reverend were no joke. According to Krakowski, the extremely complicated script for the interactive special meant that at any given time, she was pretty sure that “there were only one or two people on set who knew what was happening.” Plus, the number of pages being shot each day would be greatly underestimated by production, because of all the different permutations that had to be filmed.


Image via Netflix

However (with some help from her son) she’s had a great time getting to play with Netflix’s interactive technology and discover not just the scenes she shot for the special, but those she never even knew were being filmed. “Yeah, it was complicated but our show is so perfect for it and our writers are so perfect for it,” she says.

She also reveals that one scene which might be hard to find (unless you’ve read our primer on the interactive special’s Easter eggs) features a cameo by Fey — but only an auditory one. In a fantasy sequence, Jacqueline is singing an original song, and “[Fey] did the scratch vocal for that to show me how to sing it in French.” When Krakowski heard it, though, she told the producers to just keep Fey’s original version, “because it’s hilarious to have me lip-syncing to her.”

Has she heard anything about a 30 Rock reunion? Not at this point, though she’s definitely open to reuniting with her castmates from the Emmy-winning NBC sitcom, and also understands why these reunion specials shot during the COVID-19 era, including the recent Parks and Recreation special episode and the upcoming Community table read, are so popular with viewers: “We’re in such a different world that… you’re longing to see the old characters you knew before we were in this position.”

However, she does hope that if Kimmy Vs. the Reverend is popular, it will lead to additional stand-alone adventures that might reunite the cast. “I’d like to think that it could become a habit if enough people watch it,” she says. “Let’s do the Christmas special, let’s go for it.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverend is streaming now on Netflix.