Jason Bateman and Ron Howard Share Reassuring Status Updates on the New Season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT; Filming Begins in 4 Weeks

     July 11, 2012


Though nearly a year ago it was announced that creator Mitch Hurwitz would be cooking up an all-new season of the brilliant, cancelled-too-soon comedy series Arrested Development, fans would be forgiven for being leery about the reality of these new episodes actually happening.  It seems like Hurwitz, producer Ron Howard, and the show’s stars have been talking about the ongoing development of the elusive Arrested Deveopment movie ever since the show went off the air, and we’ve yet to see that come to fruition.

Plans are firmed up for a brand new season of Arrested Development to air on Netflix in 2013, setting the stories of our characters up for the eventual feature film.  Now AD die-hards can rest a little more comfortably, as Howard and star Jason Bateman recently shared some pictures of the writers room for the new season and Hurwitz, with Bateman revealing that production on the fourth season of Arrested Development begins in four weeks.  Hit the jump for more.

In just two Tweets, fears of the Netflix season of AD falling apart have all but been qualmed.  Ron Howard shared the following message along with the picture of Hurwitz:


Bateman and Howard both tweeted a picture of the duo alongside series mastermind Hurwitz, with Bateman adding that production begins in a month:


Though plans were made and schedules were firmed up, the many promises made regarding the Arrested Development movie had me a little worried that the series might not actually happen or would be delayed.  It’s doubly reassuring to have this confirmation from the three main creative heads behind the show, and I essentially blue myself once I peeped the corresponding images.  The bonus season of Arrested Development will air on Netflix in 2013.