Friday Box Office: ‘Jason Bourne’s Supremacy Reigns in Debut

     July 30, 2016


Despite less than stellar reviews – both from our own Matt Goldberg and from around the critics’ circle – Jason Bourne easily takes the Friday frame in its opening weekend’s box office. It helps that the film’s Cinemascore was an “A-,” meaning that audiences were quite happy with the return of Matt Damon to the title role, and with Paul Greengrass’ return to the director’s chair (whether they knew it or not.)

Audiences also loved writers-directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s R-rated comedy Bad Moms, featuring title ladies played by Mila KunisKathryn HahnKristen Bell, and Annie Mumolo, with Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina ApplegateThat film’s “A” Cinemascore clashed with critics again. As far as the studios are concerned, that’s probably fine considering that Jason Bourne is looking at over $110 million worldwide in its first weekend, while Bad Moms is aiming for a total in the high $20 million range.

bad-moms-box-officeOutside of the new debuts, there’s a whole other story concerning Star Trek Beyond’s third-place finish. After taking in only about $6.8 million on Friday, Justin Lin’s installment in the Paramount Pictures franchise is looking at about $23 million in its follow-up weekend, more than a 60% drop from its opening frame.

Elsewhere, Warner Bros. and New Line’s small-budget horror/thriller Lights Out is killing it, likely hitting $40 million this weekend; a sequel has already been announced. It will probably out-perform the fifth Ice Age movie, which has underperformed as far as family-friendly animated films are concerned. Maybe audiences are tired of franchises at a certain point, opting for more original fare like The Secret life of Pets and its nearly $285 million box office. Then again, Disney’s Finding Dory is well north of $450 million at this point, even as it finds itself near the bottom of the Top 10. That final spot is held by a timely documentary from writers-directors Dinesh D’Souza and Bruce Schooley titled Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. As a side note, Columbia Pictures’ Ghostbusters should easily cross $100 million total domestically this week, a disappointing performance as the film is still well short of its reported budget as it enters its third week in theaters. 

Check out the full Top 10 list from Friday’s box office below (via Box Office Mojo):

  Title Weekend   Total
1. Jason Bourne $22.7   $22,710,000
2. Bad Moms $9.6   $9,600,000
3. Star Trek Beyond $6.8   $88,470,378
4. The Secret Life of Pets $5.5   $283,497,745
5. Lights Out $3.5   $35,607,032
6. Ice Age: Collision Course $3.2   $34,834,623
7. Nerve $3.2   $9,251,287
8. Ghostbusters $2.9   $99,276,471
9. Finding Dory $1.2   $466,012,930
10. Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party $0.7   $6,997,384


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