Comic-Con: Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel Talk HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, What’s in Store for Lily and Marshall, Working with Babies, and More

     July 26, 2013


At the end of last season we finally did it.  We met the mother.  It was a moment eight seasons in the making, and delightful as it was, fans are still waiting to see the titular moment when Ted Mosby meets the future mother of his children.  In honor of their ninth and final season the cast of How I Met Your Mother made their Comic-con debut to a packed house of fans and bring them a glimpse of what to expect from the show’s conclusive season.

Following the panel Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel spoke with the press. They talked about coming to Comic-Con, what season nine brings for Lily and Marshall, working with the babies, and making each other laugh on set. Check out what they had to say after the jump.

how-i-met-your-mother-jason-segel-alyson-hanniganQuestion: How was the panel for you guys and being here with the show for the first time?

ALYSON HANNIGAN: It was really sweet. It’s so cool to see all the people. I mean some people camped out to be in there. It’s amazing.

JASON SEGEL: And to just be there with a group of people – we all met each other like nine years ago now, and to be at the end of a run of something that was so special to all of us. And to get to see firsthand some of the people it impacted or who cared about it in various capacities. It’s just really, really exciting.

Alyson have you been here with other shows?

HANNIGAN: Yeah, I was here I think maybe the third season of Buffy. I think I was here twice, but that was however many years ago. It’s so different now. It was about the fans when I was here last. There was none of this, no offense. I was like, “What do you mean there’s press? It’s about the autograph signings and stuff, right?” And they’re like, “Well, there’s some of that.” I thought that’s all there was, so it’s very different.

Have you had a chance to see Joss [Whedon] or reunite with him at all while you’ve been here?

HANNIGAN: No. We got in last night…no. Maybe, I don’t know if we’ll see him tonight at the parties or something. My husband, you know, he knows his whereabouts better than I do. They text. I’ve been here all day, but hopefully I’ll see him. I’m sure I’ll see somebody from that universe.

how-i-met-your-mother-alyson-hannigan-jason-segelWhat are some of the obstacles that are coming up for Lily and Marshal this season? When will Lily learn about the promotion?

HANNIGAN: Yes, when will I learn about that, sweetie?

SEGEL: [Laughs] It seems like it’s something that Marshall wants to tell her in person, which I think is smart. We’re adults now. We can look somebody in the eye and tell them the big news. I don’t know how they have it planned time wise in the season. They could wrap it up in the finale for all we know. We kind of find out the day before the table read. So it’s neat for us, also, to sit at the table read and listen to things unfold.

HANNIGAN: I don’t like to know too much because I’m a terrible liar. So I really don’t know. Obviously that is going to be from the first two episodes, obviously he doesn’t want her to find out, and it’s going to be one of those stressors for Marshall.

Are there any plotlines with the child we can expect this season?

HANNIGAN: Well you’ve got the kid.

SEGEL: I got the kid…for the whole season.

HANNIGAN: Keep him alive.

SEGEL: He’s a new kid. I’ll tell you this, characters aside, babies don’t know their acting…at all. They just think that you’re taking care of them. So they cry, they don’t care if its action or cut, they just cry a lot in my presence because I’m gigantic and they can smell my fear a mile away. We’re all learning. It’s a learning curve, me and this baby.

HANNIGAN: There’s some new babies. I haven’t met them.

how-i-met-your-motherSEGEL: I don’t take the time to get to know them. It’s just a rotating merry-go-round of babies [laughs].

HANNIGAN: The old baby Marvins decided to grow over the hiatus. They didn’t care that we were picking up from where we left off and they decided to spend the three moths growing and looking like a boy and a girl instead of staying just blobs.

SEGEL: They’re little primadonnas. You don’t see me crying on set any more [laughs].

HANNIGAN: They are so cute.

Do you have a favorite moment from season eight? I really like the godparents game show.

HANNIGAN: I don’t even remember that…Oh, that was cute. Where we were trying to get the godparent.

SEGEL: Oh, yeah, that was really cute. Yeah, that was great.

HANNIGAN: Everything blends into one in my memory.

SEGEL: Yeah, it really does. Especially because it’s been to some extent one continuous story. Standalone episodes like the cockamouse episode-

HANNIGAN: I was just going to mention that!

SEGEL: You remember that kind of stuff, but stuff that’s about these kinds of moving plotlines they all blend together at this point.

HANNIGAN: Were so bad at name-that-episode.

how-i-met-your-mother-the-bro-mitzvahSEGEL: Oh, yeah, How I Met your Mother trivia. We’d probably be worse than the fans in there for sure.

HANNIGAN: Definitely. But last year was good I’m sure.

SEGEL: Best season ever.

You obviously get along on set; do you make each other laugh a lot? Are there a lot of mistakes and bloopers?

HANNIGAN: Yes, definitely. Jason really likes to make Cobie [Smulders] laugh. Cobie’s the easiest one to get.

SEGEL: She’s very easy to make laugh.

HANNIGAN: And Jason loves to do that.

SEGEL: Yeah. It’s a lot of fun on set, I must say. And we’ve learned each other’s laugh buttons really well. So it’s a good time.

HANNIGAN: If Jason and I get each other going its kind of dangerous because it takes a while to recover.

SEGEL: Yeah. It’s my TV wife, you know, for like nine years now.

HANNIGAN: But the thing is we’ve never taped in front of an audience, they add the laugh track later, so our goal has always been to make each other laugh.

SEGEL: Right, that’s how we measure if we’re doing well, totally.