Jason Statham and Ben Foster Exclusive Video Interview THE MECHANIC

     January 27, 2011

Jason Statham Ben Foster Video Interview THE MECHANIC slice

If you’ve been reading the site the past few days, you probably saw my print interviews with Ben Foster and Jason Statham for their new action film The Mechanic.  However, I was also able to sit down with the two stars for a video interview.  While they’d already done about fifty interviews before I walked in the room, they were still laughing and having fun.  Saying that, they wanted no part of my first two questions (which led to a minute or two of awkwardness).  But after getting past those initial missteps, the interview went great.  We talked about how they found a good working chemistry, working with Simon West to craft the action scenes, reworking the script to make it better, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch:

For more on The Mechanic – including four clips from the film – click here.

Jason Statham and Ben Foster

  • As you’ll see, they’re both a bit loopy from doing press all day
  • I try and have fun by asking them what they want to talk about…that didn’t work
  • What does it take to be a good Stathamologist
  • How did they find a good working chemistry
  • I ask them about a great action scene on the side of a building…but they had been talking about it all day so we switched to….
  • Working with director Simon West to craft the action scenes
  • Statham talks about how the script was being reworked on set and how that helped the film


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