Jason Statham Joins THE KILLER ELITE

     May 14, 2009

jason_statham_the_transporter_movie_image__4_.jpgLike Patton Oswalt, I am officially Gay-tham for Jason Statham.  Except that I’m a girl so I guess I’m straight-tham for Statham?  The point is that I’m a fan and, as such, I am always happy to report on upcoming projects from my favorite professional bad-ass.

The word form Variety is that Statham will be headlining a British thriller called “The Killer Elite”.  It has ‘killer’ in the title so I’m sold – but just for fun I’ll give you some details:

“Killer Elite” is based on the book “The Feathermen” (I think we can all see why that title needed to be changed) by Ranulph Fiennes, aka “the world’s greatest living adventurer.”  I’m not kidding. His Wikipedia page says that Fiennes is indeed the world’s greatest living adventurer.  And here you thought I had just forgotten to run my spell-check…

The film will tell the tale of a group of former British Special Forces members who are being hunted by assassins. Statham will play a former Navy Seal who is forced out of retirement to save his closest friend.  Variety says that the book was based on “real events” and, if true, I have to say that the whole “world’s greatest adventurer thing” sounds legit.

The “Killer Elite” deal was announced Wednesday night in Cannes and word is that the pic will begin filming this fall in London, Paris and Australia.

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