Jason Sudeikis on Channeling ‘Hoosiers’ for the Sports Drama ‘Race’

     February 20, 2016


There’s not much info about Larry Snyder available. Google the man online and you won’t even find a Wikipedia page. Snyder, though, has quite the resume: a larger-than-life figure, he successfully coached the Ohio State Track Team for thirty years and mentored Jesse Owens into an Olympic winning athlete. But the problem persists – when playing a real life figure from the past fifty years and there’s no info readily available, how then do you accurately portray the man?

For the sports-drama Race, Jason Sudeikis turned to both fact and fiction in crafting his ‘Larry Snyder’. The no-nonsense-coach-secretly-harboring-a-heart-of-gold is a fixture of sport’s melodrama. Think Gene Hackman in Hoosiers or Kevin Costner in Bull Durham. Sudeikis’ ‘Larry Snyder’ fits in right alongside these performances, the comedian using his cavalier sarcasm to maximum effect as the archetype. Yet because the character exists in reality, Sudeikis also found ‘Larry Snyder’ in brief television clips and a single quote from Jesse Owen’s biography.

In the following interview with Sudeikis, the actor discusses finding the elusive historical figure through fact and fiction and why Race would be his father’s favorite film. For the full interview, watch below.

Jason Sudeikis:

  • Sudeikis on his favorite inspirational films
  • On what films he watched while making Race
  • On finding ‘Larry Snyder’ albeit through limited info

Image via Focus Features


Image via Focus Features


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