Viggo Mortensen Staggers through the Patagonian Wilderness in First JAUJA Trailer

     February 10, 2015


The first trailer for Argentine director Lisandro Alonso‘s experimental man-versus-nature Western Jauja has been released. Set in the late 1800s, the film stars Viggo Mortensen as Captain Gunnar Dinesen, a Danish engineer who moves to the Patagonian desert with his teenage daughter to work for the Argentine army. When his daughter elopes with a local soldier, Dinesen journeys behind enemy lines in search of the young couple, enduring a metaphysical journey as he struggles to survive the brutal wilderness.

Jajua has a very old-school aesthetic, filmed in the boxy Academy ratio, and the trailer features some stunning shots, as well as an absolutely lovely piece of instrumental music.The film looks to be a showcase for Mortensen, who also scored the film, as he combats the harsh desert elements, and cinematographer Timo Salminen‘s photography, as he captures Dinesen’s quest with haunting imagery. If I’m being perfectly honest though, an experimental period piece, and an existential Western on top – that’s way out of my wheelhouse and just about perfectly describes my nightmare film. The official poster below is a pretty accurate representation of how the trailer makes me feel.

Jauja premieres on March 20 in New York, and on March 27 in Los Angeles.


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