Jay Baruchel Video Interview SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE

     March 8, 2010

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I first noticed Jay Baruchel in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, as he was Led Zeppelin’s most fervent fan.  A few years later, he was the lead on Judd Apatow’s short lived – but still awesome – Undeclared.  He played a character named Steven Karp and he was the one that constantly struggled with how to get the girl.  After the show ended, he appeared in films like Million Dollar Baby, Fanboys, Knocked Up, and Tropic Thunder.  But since Undeclared, he hasn’t been the lead….until now.

That’s because opening this weekend is She’s Out of My League and it’s the first big Hollywood movie where Jay is the lead.  As a big fan of his work, I couldn’t be more excited for this very talented actor.  The premise is Baruchel plays an average Joe – with not much going for him – when out of the blue a successful and gorgeous woman falls for him.  He’s stunned. So are his friends.  He then starts to wonder, how can he keep the girl?

To help promote the film, I recently got to speak with Baruchel in New York City.  Check out our conversation after the jump.  It’s a good one.

Finally, here’s 4 clips from the movie, here’s the red band trailer, and a big thank you to our partners at Omelete for making this interview happen.

Jay Baruchel

  • What is this experience like for him
  • What is it like to be half naked on the poster
  • Did he go after the movie or did it come after him
  • NHL talk – he explains how the locker room really smells
  • Talks about filming at a real stadium
  • How difficult was it to have to make out with Alice Eve all day
  • Did he have to research playing a TSA agent – tells a personal story
  • How to Train Your Dragon talk

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