JCVD – 6 Movie Clips and the Trailer

     November 1, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Opening in NYC next Friday and Los Angeles the week after is “JCVD.”

The film stars action icon Jean-Claude Van Damme and it was one of the hits from the 2008 Cannes and Toronto International Film Festivals. Here’s the synopsis:

When the life of Jean-Claude Van Damme collides with the reality of a hold-up in Brussels, Belgium, suddenly the huge movie star turns into an ordinary guy, filled with fears, contradictions and hopes. How can he be up to the legend he has built? What can a film hero do when the gun pointed to his temple isn’t charged with blanks? JCVD finds himself at the turning point of his “hero” life.

Anyway, while I missed the press screenings, friends have told me that it’s great and nothing like what you’d expect. And after watching these clips….I wish I’d made the screening.

JCVD Trailer

Clip 1 – Violence on film

Clip 2 – on set

Clip 3 – In the courtroom

Clip 4 – I didn’t do anything

Clip 5 – What’s the matter

Clip 6 – Can the Producers advance me some money

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