Jean-Claude Van Damme to Star in British Sci-Fi Film UFO

     August 15, 2011


No matter how many terrible movies Jean-Claude Van Damme makes, he will get a free pass for life.  It was foretold in an ancient prophecy that if a man does a million roundhouse kicks, he will be ironically-beloved forever.  The latest film he’ll get a pass on is the British sci-fi flick UFO.  Per THR, “five friends wake up on a seemingly normal morning to find the power’s out, there’s no mobile phone reception and the radio can tune nothing but static. Two nights later a city-sized UFO appears above the town as tension and fear of attack grips the five.”  I’m sure it’s nothing a few kicks to the face can’t solve.

Dominic Burns will direct from his own script.  The film is currently shooting in Derbyshire, England and co-stars Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, and Simon Phillips.  Producers currently do not have a distributor but plan to line-one up for a 2012 release.  Again, nothing a few kicks to the face can’t solve.

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