Collider Jedi Council: Ewan McGregor Talks ‘Obi-Wan’ Movie; Adam Driver on Episode VIII

     March 31, 2016


Today is March 31st, 2016 and it’s another Collider Jedi Council hosted by Darth Harloff Kristian Harloff with Obi-John-Kenobi, John Campea and special guest Peter Sciretta from Slash Film and Mark Reilly from Collider Video!

Ewan McGregor Talks Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie and Trilogy

star-wars-ewan-mcgregor-obi-wan-kenobiThe first story out of the gate has to do with the exclusive interview Collider’s own Steve “Frosty” Weintraub had with Ewan McGregor during the Miles Ahead press junket. Steve had to ask Ewan his thoughts on the long rumored Obi-Wan movie and McGregor was all for it. He believes there’s room for the movie, with over 30 years of story taking place between his Kenobi from Episode III to Alec Guinness’ in Episode IV. When asked whether or not he’s had a meeting with Disney/Luscafilm, McGregor played coy saying he’s not at liberty to say.

Adam Driver Talks Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams

Adam Driver was attending a special screening of Midnight Special this past Monday night and the conversations inevitably led to a discussion about Star Wars Episode VIII. Driver went into the differences between the two directors, stating J.J. Abrams had to establish a certain tone and standard for the movie. With Rian Johnson, Driver said he’s very approachable and smart and the script he’s come up with is fantastic. This excited the panel because they all want to know what Episode VIII has in store for the fans and if anyone can pull it off, it’s Rian Johnson.

Daisy Ridley Recovering from Wrist Injury

Daisy Ridley is back in the gym after suffering a wrist injury and shared her progress on her Instagram account. In the video, Daisy is taking her training seriously, showing some of her moves at the weight machine. With everyone on the panel pretty much enamored with the actress, it’s safe to assume that she might be hurt on set from time to time – what with the rumors of her taking on Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot. Either way, she looks good now, and appears to be back in Episode VIII fighting shape.

The Force Awakens Comes to Blu-Ray


Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

It’s almost here! Well, a digital version will be here tomorrow but for the rest that want the case and all the wonderful special features, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, April 5th when Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on Blu-Ray! The panel discuss the recent commentary they did for the release plus some of the special features and what everyone is most excited about.

D23 to Take on Comic Con

In a bit of interesting news that may affect the future of Star Wars announcements at the grandfather of all conventions in San Diego Comic Con – the D23 expo has officially announced it has moved its date forward a couple months to July 14th-16th, one week before San Diego’s own Comic Con. The news seems to usher in a new era in studio promotion with the panel wondering what it could mean for the future of Marvel and especially Star Wars. In the end, everyone on the panel agrees that they feel Disney and Lucasfilm will opt to have their own convention to show off their stuff, perhaps leaving Comic Con behind forever.

J.J. Abrams Talks Daisy Ridley Audition from Force Awakens Blu-Ray

Buzzfeed was the first to release a look at the upcoming special feature of Daisy Ridley’s audition from The Force Awakens! The feature and full look will be on the Blu-Ray that releases the 5th of April. J.J. is heard on the commentary talking about how great Daisy Ridley was in her audition and how unbelievable she was in reaching for the depths of her emotion and struggle; with tears streaming down her face. J.J. believed that she was amazing and by the looks of the audition, the panel agrees; Ridley was destined to play Rey in the Star Wars movie.


Here now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t an Episode from the Saga or Star Wars’ Story.


Image via Disney XD

The panel, of course, have to talk about the Season Two finale of Star Wars Rebels with an in depth look at “Twilight of the Apprentice.” The panel share their thoughts on the episodes as well as speculate on what it can mean for the future moving forward, especially for Season 3. Aside from a few minor problems that are small in nature, everyone on the panel loved the episode.

Next it’s on to a pretty cool story thanks to Dave Filoni, who revealed that Clone Trooper and now permanent rebel in Star Wars Rebels, Rex, is in fact the Rebel trooper seen storming the Endor Base in Return of the Jedi. While there were some on the panel that loved the fan service done here, there were others that merely shrugged their shoulders at the mention and comparison. Whatever your thoughts, it’s still good to see some of the higher ups in Lucasfilm being aware of the fans and what they are talking about.

Last, it’s a small review of issue #18 of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic series. Kristian led the conversation saying the issue didn’t really meet his expectations and though it was good, he was hoping for better, like the previous run in Darth Vader Down.


Now we get to hear from you! The Council takes on all your Twittter questions you send in @ColliderVideo with the hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil.

This week the council answer questions on:

  • Leia and the Hutts concept art from Episode VII
  • Kylo Ren hiding his sister/cousin Rey as a “redeeming quality”
  • Rey’s story being like Darth Revan
  • Will we see Han do the Kessel Run in Star Wars Story?
  • Who will be the main villain in Rebels season 3?

That will do it for this installment of Collider Jedi Council! Make sure you let all your Star Wars fans know about this show! To get your questions answered on the show, make sure you follow @ColliderVideo and hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil. We will see you next week!


Image via Lucasfilm

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