Collider Jedi Council: ‘Rogue One’ Character Descriptions; Yoda in ‘Episode VIII?’

     May 19, 2016

Today is May 19, 2016 and it’s another Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian Harloff, with Mark Ellis, Mark Reilly and special guest Maude Garrett!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Images Leak Revealing (Spoiler) 


Image via Disney

Jedi Council is packed with a ton of un-official news and reports so maybe you should all take this as your official spoiler alert. With leaked images from the Rogue One Visual Story Guide hitting the internet ahead of schedule – and then pulled down by Disney – it didn’t stop the internet from seeing ALL the images, with people grabbing some screen shots that reveal (and confirm) a certain Dark Lord of the Sith is officially in the movie. The Council discuss the images and characters revealed and what it means for the story.

John Boyega Talks Episode VIII

John Boyega has been making the rounds lately, talking to Vulture and then Variety about Episode VIII and what the Council notice right off the bat – the guy’s a pro. The only real tease Boyega gives us is how Episode VIII will be “bigger” and “darker.” He DID NOT reveal any specific details because, as mentioned, the guy’s a pro. He’s seasoned at this sort of thing and the Council notice. It’s nice to see him excited, while also being loyal to Disney (and the audience) by not divulging any spoilers or hints at story. In the long run, the audience wins by not getting spoiled by one of the actors from the movie before it’s released. What a model concept!

Frank Oz Rumored to Have Recorded Dialogue for Episode VIII

frank-oz-yodaDid I mention Spoiler Alert? I did? Well, then…. yeah. Because the next story coming from Making Star Wars is that Frank Oz has been spotted on the Episode VIII set, reportedly to record some dialogue that everyone supposes to be for Yoda. Which makes sense. The Council look at this as confirmation, sort of, that Yoda will be in the movie; which makes a lot of sense when you consider the story Disney and Lucasfilm are trying to tell with their new trilogy. The Council dive into some speculation regarding Yoda’s place in the new movie.

Huge Action Scene Rumored for Episode VIII

So this is a tricky one – and one for the Council too so… again, spoiler alert. How many times do I have to mention that? So for the scene in question, it won’t be mentioned here. Or, really, on the show. The Council mention and discuss but only in vague terms as to not spoil something hardcore fans of the movies will be dying to see!

Lawrence Kasdan Says Han Solo is His Last Star Wars Movie

Lawrence Kasdan is up next with a report that the legendary director/screenwriter he was receiving the Icon Award for Contributions to the Cinematic Arts from the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival and ArtsATL, and in the accepting of the award, talked a bit about his career and why Han Solo will, most likely, be his last Star Wars movie. The panel mull this over, trying to determine if it will be his last or if he will ever pop up again as a consultant or writer on a future Star Wars property.

George Lucas Celebrates His 72nd Birthday


Image via Lucasfilm

And finally, mad props must be given to the creator himself, George Lucas, who recently celebrated his 72nd birthday. The Council go around the horn giving their thanks to the man, the myth, the legend, talking a bit about their love of Star Wars and especially for the man himself.

What’s the Deal with Canon?

Here now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t one of the movies be it Episodes or Star Wars’ Story.

For this segment, the Council looks at the news that the Rogue One comic adaptation might be cancelled, news of the Marvel run for Darth Vader will be coming to an end, a report about the video games from Star Wars, including Battlefront, will be present at Star Wars Celebration Europe, along with news that a certain Lost Stars character, Cienna Ree from Claudia Gray‘s novel of the same name, will be making an appearance in Fantasy Flight part of an expansion for Star Wars: Armada.

A Short Time Ago, In a Tweet Far, Far Away…

Now we get to hear from you! The Council takes on all your Twitter questions you send in @ColliderVideo with the hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil.

This week, the Council answers questions on:

  • Star Wars Legend characters becoming canon
  • Will the iconic droids ever be “killed off”
  • Vader unmasked in Rogue One
  • Rumored title for Episode VIII: Fall of the Resistance
  • Books to read in the new canon
  • A young Yoda series of movies

That will do it for this installment of Collider Jedi Council! Make sure you let all your Star Wars fans know about this show! To get your questions answered on the show, make sure you follow @ColliderVideo and hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil. We will see you next week!


Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

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