Collider Jedi Council: Freddie Prinze Jr. & Sam Witwer Guest; ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Talk

     April 7, 2016

Today is April 7th, 2016 and it’s another Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian Harloff, John Campea and Tiffany Smith; with very special guests Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sam Witwer!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Drops!


Image via Lucasfilm

What an amazing panel of guests for this episode of Jedi Council! With Kanan and Darth Maul, Freddie Prinze Jr and Sam Witwer respectively, it must be in the Stars that the new trailer for Rogue One dropped just in time to get everyone’s thoughts – especially seeing as Freddie and Sam are voices on Star Wars Rebels; which takes place in the same time period as Rogue One. The panel gobble up every detail and discuss in length what they loved about Disney and Lucasfilm’s first Star Wars Story trailer!

J.J. Abrams Reveals Details About the Ash on Kylo Ren’s Table

Next it’s on to some more geeky goodness, this time having to do with The Force Awakens. Celebrating the release of the Blu-Ray, J.J. Abrams spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what exactly those ashes were when Kylo Ren puts his mask down. Turns out – they’re the ashes of his enemies he’s killed. Anyone still think Kylo Ren is redeemable? Nope. The guy is certified Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

The Character of Rey Designed After Luke Skywalker

In an interview with Huffington Post, concept artist Doug Chiang revealed that when they were designing Rey for The Force Awakens, they modeled Daisy Ridley’s character after, who else, Luke Skywalker! He said that Star Wars designs are rooted in history and they modeled some characters and places in TFA after a Star Wars we would have seen in the 70’s and 80’s. The panel talk about how they felt that history in Force Awakens.

Ewan McGregor’s Director Friend Pitched an Obi-Wan Movie?

star-wars-ewan-mcgregor-obi-wan-kenobiIn a recent interview with Ewan McGregor to promote Miles Away he revealed that a friend of his who is a director, pitched an Obi-Wan movie to Lucasfilm and Disney, hoping his friend would take the reigns and bring the fan favorite character of Obi-Wan (with Ewan back of course) to the next level. That next level being a movie that tells the story of what Obi-Wan was doing in the desert between Episode III and Episode IV. The panel talked at length about how they would love to see an Obi-Wan movie – especially with Ewan McGregor back in the Jedi Robes. Everyone is crossing their fingers hoping that all the chatter and rumors swirling about will come to fruition.

Diego Luna’s Character Name Revealed in Rogue One?

In a report from, the name of Felicity Jones’ character of Jyn was finally named and confirmed in the trailer. And in the same report word comes that Diego Luna has also been given the name of Cassein Willix. As the panel discuss the coolness of the name that sounds very Star Wars-y, they also get into some of the vehicles that were in the report – and later seen in the new trailer.

What’s the Deal with Canon?

Here now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t one of the movies be it Episodes or Star Wars’ Story.

star-wars-rebels-season-2-finaleIn this segment, the panel talk about Dave Filoni’s comments about the Star Wars Rebels finale. Since it included BOTH of our illustrious panel guests; everyone geeked out discussing their voice work, their thoughts after reading the script for the finale and how it connects to the bigger Star Wars universe. This of course led to an in-depth conversation about Rebels, and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s and Sam Witwer’s involvement. It’s the meat of this episode and is an amazing conversation filled with very cool insight. For the Star Wars fan, it’s not to be missed!

A Short Time Ago, In a Tweet Far, Far Away…

Now we get to hear from you! The Council takes on all your Twitter questions you send in @ColliderVideo with the hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil.

This week, the council answers questions on:

  • Maul still looking for revenge against Obi-Wan in Rebels
  • A gritty, animated Darth Maul series with Witwer
  • Freddie and Sam’s love of Star Wars after joining Rebels
  • Whether Rogue One will incorporate characters from Rebels
  • What role Maul will play in Season 3 of Rebels
  • Will elements of Rahm Kota from Force Unleashed be in Kanan?
  • Will Sam and Freddie face off in Schmoedown?
  • What dream character Freddie wants to see Kanan meet in Rebels
  • Will there be a cliffhanger in Episode VIII?
  • Who has more game, Lando or Kanan?
  • Could Maul hunting for Sith artifacts be the origin of Knights of Ren?

That will do it for this installment of Collider Jedi Council! Make sure you let all your Star Wars fans know about this show! To get your questions answered on the show, make sure you follow @ColliderVideo and hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil. We will see you next week!


Image via Lucasfilm

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