Collider Jedi Council: ‘Star Wars’ Turns 39; Celebration Releases New Poster

     May 26, 2016

Today is May 26, 2016, and it’s another Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian from Harloff Minor, Mark 2-D-2 Mark Ellis, Obi-John-Kenobi, John Campea and the Smith Lord, Tiffany Smith!

star-wars-a-new-hope-posterStar Wars: A New Hope Turns 39 Years Old

Jedi Council is packed with a ton of news today and the Council goes right to it with the first big news story that isn’t really news as much as it’s a story begging for recognition. The original Star Wars movie came out 39 years ago to the day. On May 25, 1977, the world was forever changed and the Council talk about how it shaped their worlds, as well as Hollywood!

Rogue One and Episode VIII to Appear at Celebrations Europe!

To celebrate the upcoming Star Wars Celebrations in Europe,  a new poster was released touting an amazing line-up that will no doubt make the hardcore Star Wars fan happy as can be! The new poster basically confirms everything we know – Rogue One will have a presence and so will Episode VIII. The Council marvel at the awesome new design and speculate on what they might show at the convention in July.

star-wars-episode-viii-logoEpisode VIII Wraps in Ireland

Not the biggest of news stories but, as the Council all state in their own way, a story signifying we’re a lot closer to seeing Episode VIII. With a wrapped production from Ireland, somewhere, there’s footage of a Star Wars movie; there’s a rough story of a Star Wars movie. And it’s all very exciting for the Council who, of course, speculate on some story elements we might see in the Force Awakens sequel.

Creature Spotted on the Set of Episode VIII

And with the news of a wrap production, let’s throw in some set photos – obviously taken before the wrap of filming. This one is special because it shows a creature FX that is practical and a part of the production. Now whether or not it has anything to do with the plot of the story is another thing. But the Council all agree – it’s cool to see some practical effects happening and they’re sure Rian Johnson is continuing what JJ Abrams set up in Force Awakens. 


Image via Lucasfilm

Netflix to Stream Star Wars Movies Starting in September

Lastly comes the news that Netflix and Disney have made a deal to stream (and run) first release movies on the service and that means Star Wars is coming to a console near you. Though everyone on he council owns every movie in the Star Wars Universe, doesn’t mean they won’t watch the movies on Netflix if the mood strikes.

What’s the Deal with Canon?

Here now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t one of the movies be it Episodes or Star Wars’ Stories. This time, the Council looks at the news of Rebels and Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni wanting to snag Ewan McGregor to reprise his role of Obi-Wan for a future episode of Rebels. Then it’s on to reviews of the latest Marvel Comics with Obi-Wan and Anakin #5, and another for its flagship, Star Wars. Lastly, a new clip has been revealed for the Force Awakens Lego Adventure, this time featuring Finn!

A Short Time Ago, In a Tweet Far, Far Away…

Now we get to hear from you! The Council takes on all your Twitter questions you send in @ColliderVideo with the hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil.

This week, the Council answers questions on:

  • Will Alderaan appear in Rogue One?
  • A Darth Vader Anthology series of movies
  • Will Rey’s staff turn into a lightsaber?
  • Will Rogue One end right at the beginning of A New Hope
  • If Ewan McGregor pops up in Episode VIII will fans go back for the Prequels?
  • When will new Star Wars Stories be announced?

That will do it for this installment of Collider Jedi Council! Make sure you let all your Star Wars fans know about this show! To get your questions answered on the show, make sure you follow @ColliderVideo and hashtag #ColliderJediCouncil. We will see you next time!


Image via Lucasfilm

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