Jeffrey Dean Morgan WonderCon Video Interview THE LOSERS

     April 6, 2010

Jeffrey Dean Morgan WonderCon The Losers video interview.jpg

A few days ago, I attended WonderCon in San Francisco and was able to interview Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the Warner Bros. red carpet, as he was there to promote The Losers.  During the interview he talks about his reaction to seeing the movie, being at WonderCon/Comic-Con, and the set visit I did for The Losers.  Also, you can see how cool JDM is by the way he ignores a publicist saying we had to wrap up the interview.

While I’ve interviewed many actors, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is definitely one of the most grounded and friendliest in Hollywood.  Trust me, they’re not all like him.  Hit the jump to watch the interview and look for more on The Losers soon:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • I left the beginning of the interview in just so you could see how cool JDM is
  • I tell him thanks for coming over on the set visit 4 times to talk to us
  • Has he seen the final version of The Losers and what did he think
  • Is the film all action and what is the tone of The Losers
  • Is he enjoying WonderCon – and even though a publicist is trying to wrap us up…he stays to talk.  Again, JDM is just a cool dude.

The Losers movie poster Clay Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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