Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ Gives a Voice to His Victims

     May 13, 2020

Netflix has released the trailer for its latest true crime documentary series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, which will debut May 27 on the streaming service.

Take a good look at the monster above, for he is the face of pure evil. The mysterious tycoon was arrested in 2019 after being accused of abusing women and underage girls for decades, as well as assembling a network of enablers to help carry out and cover up his crimes.

Per Netflix, Epstein came from humble beginnings, yet he managed to lie and manipulate his way to the top of the financial world. He eventually gained tremendous wealth and power while running an international sex trafficking ring. The serial sex abuser made a secret plea deal with the government in 2008 to avoid a potential life sentence, and he still continued to abuse women. With their frightening first-hand accounts, Epstein’s accusers are the leading voices in this four-part docuseries from director Lisa Bryant.


By revealing their emotional scars, some for the very first time, the sisterhood of survivors intend to stop predators — and the American justice system — from silencing the next generation.
Filthy Rich boasts some firepower in the form of executive producers James Patterson, the bestselling crime novelist, as well as documentarian Joe Berlinger, who was behind Netflix’s Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. Bryant and Peter Landesman are also executive producers along with Jon Doran, Jon Kamen, Bill McClane, Bill Robinson and Leopoldo Gout.

To be honest, I didn’t follow the Epstein case as closely as most, mainly because it was so disgusting. With a story like O.J. Simpson or Aaron Hernandez, there’s an element of tragedy. You almost — almost — feel bad for those guys. But I have no empathy whatsoever for Epstein, who was a sick individual, and one who deserved his ultimate fate, whether it was by his own hand or not, as has been roundly speculated.

I’m eager to hear from Epstein’s victims, so if this series gives them a voice then I’ll be watching on May 27. Epstein destroyed countless lives, so if there are others who should be held accountable, I’m all for exposing them on a worldwide stage. Both Epstein and his enablers/accomplices shouldn’t get to wiggle off the hook following his death. As much as the world would like to forget Jeffrey Epstein ever existed, it’s important to remember him for who he was — a pedophile and a monster.

Watch the Filthy Rich trailer below, and if you’re interested in exploring other high-profile crime cases, click here to read my review of Netflix’s new documentary series Trial by Media, which covers the Jenny Jones Show murder trial and the Bernard Goetz subway shootings.