Jenna Fischer Could be Giving Owen Wilson a HALL PASS

     January 14, 2010


Most people like the American version of  The Office, and even those who don’t love Jenna “Pam Beasley” Fischer. It’s science, trust me. With that in mind, it should come as good news that Fischer is in talks to join Owen Wilson in the new Farrelly Brothers-directed comedy, Hall Pass. Fischer would play Wilson’s wife, who gives him a “hall pass” to sleep with another woman of his choosing.  However, as THR reports, she takes part in the philandering as well.  My assumption is hilarity will ensue.  Jason Sudeikis is also attached to the film as Wilson’s best friend who gets a similar deal from his wife, a part which has yet to be cast.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a great comedy from the Farrelly Brothers. Dumb and Dumber is one of the most quotable and hilarious films of the nineties, and There’s Something About Mary pretty great as well, but somewhere between that flick and Stuck on You, the Farrelly’s seemed to have lost a bit of their juice. It looked like they were set to take the challenge from comedy audiences again with their bizarre and possibly genius casting for their Three Stooges re-imagining, but I’m not sure what the fate of that project is at the moment, although Sean Penn has returned to the film after departing last June . Still, the premise for Hall Pass sounds pretty strong, if not a bit sitcom-esque, and with talent like Fischer then it could join the ranks of the Brothers’ other classic comedies.

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