Jenna Fischer– Exclusive Video Interview

     May 11, 2007

Last night I attended the Saturn Awards at Universal Studios and I got to interview a ton of people on the red carpet and backstage. I’ll be working on getting all of the interviews up today and tomorrow so check back. If you’re a fan of “Heroes” I have amazing interviews with the creators and cast members, tons of major info to tell you about!

But this interview is with Jenna Fischer.

During the interview we talked about her new movie “Walk Hard” and she says it’ll make the boob scene with Will Ferrell in “Blades of Glory” look like a Disney film!

The big news is she said that next year The Office will have 4 one-hour episodes!

We also talked about the behinds the scenes of the Saturn Awards and how she is trying to keep herself grounded in real life but it’s hard with her schedule and what she does everyday. Jenna also said she wraps her movie “Walk Hard” today and she’s off until August when she goes back to “The Office”. Finally we have a funny exchange about who is in her Blackberry and if she can really call them. It all comes together in the end of the interview….

If you’re a fan of Jenna you’ll like this interview.

But before you watch it I should let you know that I was holding the camera and the microphone at the same time so I did my best to keep her centered. Obviously I would have preferred to not have a close-up during the entire interview but without a professional crew I did my best…. Hope you enjoy it!

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