Watch: Jenna Fischer Rediscovered Her ‘The Office’ Video Blog for the Booze Cruise Episode

     April 17, 2019

In proof positive that Jenna Fischer’s Instagram Stories skills are completely natural, the The Office actress unearthed a video blog she shot for the iconic NBC comedy series, and it’s a delight. The video blog chronicles the making of the Season 2 episode “Booze Cruise,” which was one of the show’s first episodes to venture outside the office.

It’s a fun blast-from-the-past inside look at the making of an iconic episode, and a great reminder that the process of making some of your favorite television shows is oftentimes unglamorous and tiring. You’ll see at the beginning of the video the cast is all excited to be shooting on location, but as the shoot wears on their enthusiasm turns to exhaustion.

It’s also fun to see Amy Adams before she became a massive star, and the dynamic between the core cast members (and John Krasinski chugging Diet Coke). A potential The Office revival has been bandied about over the past couple years, with much of the cast assembling with creator/showrunner Greg Daniels last December, but it remains unconfirmed if any such revival or reunion would happen. If it does, it’ll be without Steve Carell, who has been adamant that he wouldn’t want to bring the character of Michael Scott back.

For now, though, The Office remains one of the most rewatchable shows ever made (check out Vinnie’s ranking of the Top 50 episodes here), and “Booze Cruise” is certainly one of the most memorable. Take a trip down memory lane with Fischer below.