Awesometacular: Jeremy Jahns on ‘Flashpoint’ and a Possible DCEU Reboot

     November 17, 2017

Jeremy Jahns offers his thoughts on a Flashpoint movie and whether or not it should reboot the current DC film universe. He also plays a round of Movie Pics with Mark Ellis and talks to Ken Napzok about the possibility of seeing Rey and Kylo become a team. Jeremy gives Batman: Arkham VR a go and Jon Schnepp steps in to tell him all about Doctor Doom’s comic book origins.

  • Jeremy Jahns talks about Quentin Tarantino’s comments about his next film and if it’ll include Charles Manson. After that, Collider’s Mark Ellis joins Jeremy for a round of Movie Pics during which they must construct a movie titled based on pictograms.
  • In another round of Disney auditions, the Collider team tries to score roles in a live-action Bambi and Winnie the Pooh movie. After that Ken Napzok of Collider Jedi Council joins Jeremy to address the question, could Kylo and Rey team up and take on Snoke?
  • Jeremy suits up as Batman in the Batman: Arkham VR game. After that Jeremy is joined by Jon Schnepp to talk about Schnepp’s favorite comic book villain, Doctor Doom, and then Jeremy talks about his hopes for a Flashpoint movie and what it could do for the DC film franchise.


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