Awesometacular: Jeremy Talks Zachary Levi Being Cast in ‘Shazam!’

     November 3, 2017

Jeremy Jahns discusses the announcement that Zachary Levi will star in the DC movie Shazam! as Billy Batson. He also plays a round of The Canlot with Mark Ellis and talks to Ken Napzok about the battle between Finn and Captain Phasma. Pam Horton joins Jeremy to play some Cuphead and Jon Schnepp steps in to tell him all about the League of Extraordinary Gentleman comics.

  • Jeremy Jahns gives his thoughts on Zachary Levi scoring the title role in Shazam. After that, Collider’s Mark Ellis joins Jeremy for a round of The Canlot during which they must answer questions about coming-of-age movies and toss a ball into the corresponding can to score.
  • In another round of Disney Auditions, the Collider team attempts to score roles in the live-action The Lion King movie. After that Ken Napzok of Collider Jedi Council joins Jeremy to discuss the battle between Finn and Phasma.
  • Jeremy and Pamela Horton play the run and gun video game Cuphead. After that Jeremy is joined by Jon Schnepp to talk about Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and then Jeremy talks about the tone of Thor: Ragnarok and if the tonal shift in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might happen in the Star Wars film franchise too.


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