Jeremy Renner Compares ‘Story of Your Life’ to ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.

     April 15, 2016

Steve Weintraub is currently at CinemaCon, which is where studios go to promote their upcoming films to movie theaters. This means bringing out the talent to talk about the movies, so we got the chance to talk to Jeremy Renner, who was on hand to promote Paramount’s Story of Your Life, which is about an expert linguist (Amy Adams) trying to communicate with aliens who have landed on Earth.


Image via Paramount

During our conversation with Renner, he talked about the story of Story of Your Life and how the tone is similar to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, his reaction to reading the script, working with director Denis Villeneuve, and what he’s got coming up.

We also asked if Renner was set to return for Mission: Impossible 6, and he replied:

JEREMY RENNER: I don’t know. I should talk to those Paramount peeps because they’re here right now. I don’t have the answer for sure on those things, but I know there are whisperings and rumblings of it, but Tom is off shooting The Mummy right now, and I’m off doing a movie somewhere else. I’m sure there are a lot of arrows pointing that direction. More than the “no” direction, but I can’t say for sure.

Story of Your Life opens later this year. Here’s the time index for our conversation with Renner:

  • 0:27 – The story of ‘Story of Your Life’ and how it’s “smart sci-fi” like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • 1:49 – His reaction to reading the script.
  • 2:38 – On working with director Denis Villeneuve.
  • 3:10 – If he’s returning for the next Mission: Impossible.
  • 4:09 – What’s coming up for him.

Image via Paramount



Image via Paramount

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