Jerry Bruckheimer on ‘Bad Boys 4’, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and Mel Gibson’s ‘The Wild Bunch’

     May 20, 2020


Before the new STARZ Original series Hightown premiered, I landed an extended interview with super producer Jerry Bruckheimer, where we talked about a myriad of subjects over the course of 15 minutes. Even though you might think 15 minutes is a lot of time, when you’re talking to Jerry Bruckheimer about his career, 15 minutes won’t even scratch the surface. That’s because since the 1970’s, Bruckheimer has produced so many iconic films and TV shows (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys, The Rock, Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean, CSI, Crimson Tide, National Treasure, Armageddon) that you could spend your entire time just talking about the making of one of them.


Image via Disney

While we previously posted parts of the interview over the past week, I wanted to offer everything in one place, along with a number of new points of discussion. In the player below, you can watch Bruckheimer talk about the status of Bad Boys 4, National Treasure 3, a possible National Treasure Disney+ series, Pirates of the Caribbean 6, if Johnny Depp will be back, if they ever thought about making a sequel to The Rock, why he’s excited for people to see Top Gun: Maverick, and more. In addition, he talked about why he’s so excited to be producing Mel Gibson’s remake of The Wild Bunch and how he hopes it will start shooting once the pandemic is over.

If you missed what Bruckheimer had to say about his new series Hightown, click here to check it out.

Finally, a huge thank you to Jerry Bruckheimer for giving me so much time and for always being a great person to talk with. Check out the interview below and further down the page is a listing of exactly what we talked about.


Image via Sony Pictures

Jerry Bruckheimer:

  • What were they hoping for regarding the Bad Boys for Life box office?
  • What’s the status of a Bad Boys 4?
  • What’s the status of National Treasure 3?
  • How they’re developing a National Treasure Disney+ series and what’s the status?
  • What will it take to get production going again?
  • Did he ever think about directing?
  • What would he love to get greenlit?
  • Would he ever consider doing a documentary about his relationship with Don Simpson?
  • Has he ever thought about making a movie about the making of one of his movies?
  • Did they ever talk about making a sequel to The Rock?
  • What’s the status of another Pirates of the Caribbean movie?
  • Will Johnny Depp be back?
  • What can he tease about Top Gun: Maverick?
  • How has technology influenced the way he will make movies in the future?
  • What’s coming up at Bruckheimer Films?
  • Is he still involved in Mel Gibson’s The Wild Bunch?
  • What’s impressed him about Mel Gibson?

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