Jess Salgueiro on ‘The Expanse’ Season 4, ‘The Boys’, and Netflix’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

     September 27, 2019

While at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, I got to sit down with Jess Salgueiro for a wide-ranging interview. While you might not recognize her name yet, I’m confident that’s about to change with how many projects she’s been involved with this year. If you watched Amazon’s fantastic series The Boys, you saw her as Hughie Campbell’s (Jack Quaid) girlfriend, Robin. Later this year, she’ll play a big part in Amazon’s The Expanse season four. In addition, she’s got roles in Tiny Pretty Things and Netflix’s massive Mark Millar series, Jupiter’s Legacy. So, like I said, you’re about to see a lot of her.

During the interview, Salgueiro talked about being involved with The Boys and if she had any idea the show would be such a big hit, working with director Dan Trachtenberg on the pilot, the short film Volcano which premiered at TIFF, her big role on The Expanse season 4, Tiny Pretty Things, Jupiter’s Legacy, and so much more.

Check out what she had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

nordstrom-supper-suite-tiff-2019We also need to send a big thank you to our presenting sponsor Nordstrom Canada and supporting partners Marriott Bonvoy and Ciroc Vodka for supporting the Collider Lounge at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival and helping to make these interviews happen.

Jess Salgueiro:

  • Did she suspect The Boys would be such a huge hit?
  • Her characters shocking exit on The Boys.
  • What was it like working with director Dan Trachtenberg on the pilot?
  • How nervous does she get the night before a chemistry read?
  • Will she be on The Boys season 2?
  • The short film Volcano which premiered at TIFF.
  • How the characters are called by their real first names.
  • How she has a big role on The Expanse season 4 and who she plays.
  • Being saved by Amazon.
  • Who she plays on Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy.
  • Tiny Pretty Things
  • When will people get a look at Jupiter’s Legacy?
  • How it’s the biggest show to film in Toronto.
  • How both The Boys and Jupiter’s Legacy turn the super hero genre on its head.
  • Does Jupiter’s Legacy push the boundaries like The Boys?