Jessica Biel Close to Grabbing One of the Lead Female Roles in TOTAL RECALL Remake

     April 8, 2011


Len Wiseman’s (Live Free or Die Hard) remake of Total Recall may be close to casting one of the two lead female roles. Variety reports that Jessica Biel is circling one of the roles opposite Colin Farrell in the remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger starred sci-fi film. The two roles in the original, Lori and Melina, were played by Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin respectively. Apparently early word was that Biel was going after Melina, but the trade says that there’s a chance she’s going after the other character. Other actresses reading for the roles include Eva Mendes, Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth.

Bryan Cranston is set to play the villain in the remake. When producer Neil Moritz sat down with Steve a while ago, he stated that this film is closer to Philip K. Dick’s book than the 1990 film was, and in the remake they won’t be going to space (which is kind of confusing, given that a major plot point involves Mars). Further plot details are scarce, and at this point we don’t even know what villain Cranston is portraying. Nevertheless, the addition of Cranston to the cast automatically puts this in my “must-see” category. Total Recall hits theaters August 3rd 2012.

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