‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3: Eka Darville on Malcolm’s Journey and Saying Goodbye to the Series

     June 23, 2019

jessica-jones-eka-darville-carrie-anne-moss-sliceExecutive produced by showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Jessica Jones (available to stream at Netflix) is back for a third season, as Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent and very deadly killer. At the same time, Jessica has cut the newly powered Trish (Rachael Taylor) out of her life, as she struggles to live up to her mother’s expectations for being a hero, but in order to survive the madman who wants to put an end to the super-powered, the two must find a way to repair their fractured friendship and work together.

At the Los Angeles press day for the show’s final season, Collider got the opportunity to sit down and chat 1-on-1 with actor Eka Darville (who plays addict turned private investigator Malcolm Ducasse) about the journey Malcolm has taken, over the course of the series, what he’s most enjoyed about playing this character, feeling satisfied with the resolution of Malcolm’s story, what Malcolm thinks of Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss), getting a love interest, how complicated things are with both Jessica and Trish, working with Krysten Ritter as a director, the show’s awesome fans, and which TV series he’d love to do a guest spot on.


Image via Netflix

Collider:  Malcolm has had one of the biggest character journeys, out of all of the characters on Jessica Jones. What’s it like to be at this place with him?

EKA DARVILLE:  Very astute observation. The theme of this character, for me, has been the graduation through these different phases. In Season 1, he was in one place. In Season 2, he was in a very different place. In Season 3, it’s equally as different as the previous two. And as an actor, that’s what you live for. It’s the opportunity to play that much of a scope. This season leans into the darker aspects, and it was really fun and really cool to get some heavier stuff to work with. Malcolm is finding his own feet and standing up to Jessica, which was a lot of fun.

When you sign on to do a show that’s called Jessica Jones, you never know just what kind of character arc you’ll get. Did you have any idea that you would take this big of a journey with him?

DARVILLE:  Absolutely not, and neither did the writers. My character was meant to be in 10 of 13, and be done by Season 1.

Malcolm has always been a really interesting character to balance Jessica out.

DARVILLE:  It is an interesting dynamic. I really appreciate it. He’s family in a show that nobody really has family in. He’s like her brother, and that’s a really unique dynamic in the show, and one that fluctuates and changes as they grow.


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What have you most enjoyed about this character since day one, and what did you grow to appreciate about him as you’ve gotten to see the journey that he was taking?

DARVILLE:  For me, as an actor, the thing that I’ve appreciated the most is the diversity and scope, and the fact that he moves and has become many different people seemingly within one show. As a character, I really appreciate his goodness. He really gives a shit, and sometimes to a fault, in a big way. In a world that’s populated by some pretty gnarly, grizzly characters, in terms of their ethics and morals, it can get pretty dark, and I feel like Malcolm can be a little light of his innocence, at least in the first two seasons.

When and how did you find out that Season 3 was going to be the end of the journey for these characters?

DARVILLE:  Vaguely, at some point, during Season 3.

As an actor, you have to let every character go, at some point. Is it more difficult sometimes than others? Is this a character that’s hard to say goodbye to?

DARVILLE:  Yeah. There’s a lot more nostalgia in it for me, just because it was the lens that I saw my life through, for five years, and I did a lot of growing, creatively, through that process. So, I’m very grateful for the character and it’s sad that I won’t get to reprise the role again, in its next evolution, but I’m also really satisfied because I feel like the resolution of Malcolm’s story, in Season 3, feels like a really good button on the end of this big arc that’s he’s been on. It makes a lot of sense to me, but it’s bittersweet. As an actor, we’re never satisfied. I’m always thinking about what the next thing is. I’m super excited for whatever it is that comes next, and sad to say goodbye to something that has been really good to me.

Does doing something like this, that is such a quality project with such great storytelling, change how you want to approach the next thing, or what you want to look for?

DARVILLE:  Yeah, it does. Nobody wants to go backwards. It sets the bar at a particular point that then, hopefully, propels me into even greater stories that are different and something that I haven’t done yet.


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360Is there a type of project that you’d love to do, but haven’t gotten the chance yet?

DARVILLE:  I don’t have so much of a plan like that. I really just look for characters. If it’s a cool project that has people that I really respect involved in it, then I’m gonna  be interested in it. And the big piece is that it could be the coolest project ever, but if it’s a character that I don’t resonate with or it feels like what I’ve done already, then I’m not doing it. For me, acting is a personal growth tool. I get to experience parts of myself through these characters and have that make me a better human being that allows me to understand what it is to be a human being, in a more full way. I’m always interested in something that I haven’t done yet.

Is there a current TV show that you would love to do a guest spot or guest arc on?

DARVILLE:  There’s so much good TV, at the moment. My personal favorite shows are Peaky Blinders, which I absolutely love, and Mr. Robot. I particularly love the first season. And there’s a lot of other really, really cool and interesting stuff happening, that isn’t even out yet, that I’d be super interested in. There’s stuff happening all over the world, as well. So, I’m excited for what comes next, and I’m not gonna pretend, for a second, that I know what the hell that’s gonna look like.