‘The Daily Show’ Vet Jessica Williams Set to Star in Jim Strouse’s Next Project

     September 27, 2016


The Daily Show has been responsible for producing a frankly unprecedented amount of major comedic talent over its tenure, not the least of which being Jon Stewart himself. When Stewart started the all-too-important satire show, he was still making due with occasional bit parts in movies and random television series and still hadn’t quite found his comedic persona yet. He found that very thing during his tenure at the series and now, in his retirement, has a reputation as the smartest and wittiest man in the room no matter where you happen to be.


Image via Magnolia

Plenty of others long-standing talents have cut their teeth at the Comedy Central flagship program, beginning with the incomparable Stephen Colbert and John Oliver but also Ed Helms, Steve Carrell, Rob Corddry, Samantha Bee, and Jessica Williams. Many of these people have already found firm footing for themselves elsewhere after their departure from their show with the exception of Williams, but that looks to be changing. The comedian will now be leading the next film by Jim Strouse, who made a notable debut last year with People Places Things. Williams had a supporting role in that film but in Strouse’s next project, which he wrote with her specifically in mind, she will be leading the cast, which also includes Chris O’Dowd, Lakeith Stanfield, and Noel Wells of Master of None.

There’s no name for the movie yet but the synopsis, which you can take a look at below, suggests a simple New York melodrama that can allow Strouse and his cast to dig into the details of everyday existence and their own obsessions. Or it could end up being one of the approximate 500,000 films released each decade that try and fail to find the wild pulse of life in New York. For the sake of getting Williams in a wider array of movies alone, here’s hoping that Strouse is one of those rare artists who knows where to point his camera in the five boroughs.

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