Jim Carrey to Host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE in January

     December 17, 2010


Back when Jim Carrey was raucously hilarious throughout the 90’s, it was my pleasure as a younger lad to enjoy his comedic stylings not just in films like Liar, Liar and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective but also as host of Saturday Night Live. Carrey took to the sketch comedy show like wildfire by appearing in great sketches with the Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan as the head-bobbing duo from A Night at the Roxbury and as an old frail Jimmy Stewart on the Joe Pesci Show. Now it looks like he’s returning to his sketch comedy roots (since Carrey got a big break on the series In Living Color) for his second sting hosting SNL. On January 8th, Carrey will take to the stage with musical guest The Black Keys for a run on late night TV that will hopefully be funnier than his recent work in films like Yes Man. You can bet I’ll be cautiously looking forward to this episode. How about you?