Jim Caviezel & Michael Chiklis Talk WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL, Their Sports Backgrounds and the Insanity of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW

     August 18, 2014


Jim Caviezel & Michael Chiklis – an odd couple if ever there was one.  Caviezel has made a name for himself as a somber and understated actor, his work in The Thin Red Line and The Passion of the Christ compelling in that he never forces anything or goes for that “big” moment. Chiklis, a bundle of volatility, never holds anything back, perfectly encapsulated in his performance as Vic Mackey – one of the great antiheroes of the modern television landscape.  In When the Game Stands Tall, both actors are cast true to form: Caviezel as the quiet and introspective Coach Bob Ladouceur, Chiklis as his loudmouth Assistant Coach Terry Eidson. Together they form a compelling yin and yang, bouncing off each other naturally, many of the best moments in the film coming from their natural repartee.

In the following interview with both actors, they discuss their sports backgrounds, playing to type as the hothead & the introvert, and developing a thirty-one year friendship for the big-screen. In addition, Michael Chiklis touched upon his role and reaction to American Horror Story: Freak Show.  For the full interview, hit the jump.  When the Game Stands Tall opens this weekend.

Jim Caviezel & Michael Chiklis:

  • The real-life Bob Ladouceur & Terry Eidson have been friends for thirty-one years. How did Chiklis & Caviezel go about recreating that sense of camaraderie for the film?
  • Playing to type as the hothead and the introvert – how does that effect the scene-work between Chiklis & Caviezel?
  • How much room was there for improvisation on set?
  • Chiklis discusses his upcoming work on American Horror Story: Freak Show

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