Adam Sandler & Jimmy Fallon Debut a New Song about Our Grandmas on ‘The Tonight Show’

     April 7, 2020


Please, for the love of Pete, don’t hug your grandma right now. At least, that was the message The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host Jimmy Fallon and return guest Adam Sandler wanted to share with the world through their new quarantine-focused song, “Don’t Touch Grandma.”

Now, Fallon and Sandler aren’t hating on your grandma. This new —and admittedly pretty dang catchy — song isn’t about shunning our elders just for the fun of it. No, this is about keeping our beloved grandmas (and grandpas!) safe during the global coronavirus pandemic because they are one key demographic who are at a higher risk of getting sick. So, Fallon and Sandler got their guitars, hopped on a video call, and debuted their song “Don’t Touch Grandma” during Monday night’s edition of The Tonight Show, which Fallon is hosting from his home.

As previously mentioned, “Don’t Touch Grandma” is both catchy and very informative. You know it’s gonna be a goodie when the pair begin the song with, “Thanks to this stupid virus, there are some new grandma rules,” and the launch into a jaunty little ditty. Memorable lines from the song include, “Don’t touch grandma, leave her alone! You can spend a quarter to call her on the phone,” and “When this thing is over, you and she can play/But for now, you can still smell grandma’s perfume from six feet away.” Wise rules to live by until we can all once again hug our grandmas, don’t you think?

You can watch the full “Don’t Touch Grandma” performance from Fallon and Sandler below.