Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Yara Shahidi Sing a ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’-Inspired Voting Song

     September 17, 2018


The closer we get to Election Day here in the States, the more difficult it is to find something political that doesn’t swing wildly to one side of the aisle or the other. So imagine my surprise when The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon actually managed to create something that wasn’t partisan, didn’t pander to any particular special interests or political leanings, and opted instead to promote voting education in a fun, optimistic and musical way. More of this please!

The new animated short, “Voting Avenue”, features Fallon singing alongside guest Yara Shahidi in a Schoolhouse Rock!-inspired animated music video that lays out the importance of registering to vote and actually voting in each and every election. The episode will air tonight, but you can get a sneak peek at the video itself below. And while we have your attention, be sure to double-check your voting registration here––or any other Google-friendly voting registration site you choose.

Check out “Voting Avenue” below:

Yara Shahidi and Jimmy Fallon take a walk down Voting Avenue to get all of the information they need about voting. To learn more about voter registration, head to or ask, “Siri, how do I vote?” on your iOS device.

The Tonight Show‘s support for voting registration is non-confrontational, Shahidi’s own outspoken support for younger generations’ voting rights is a little more direct (via Variety):

“We are calling our generation together before the midterm elections, so we can make sure that we have the tools and knowledge necessary to generate the largest youth voter turnout in history! Whether it’s immigration, gun violence, climate change, criminal justice reform or student debt, our generation will hold our elected officials accountable this November.”

However you vote, the important things to remember are to: A) Register, and B) Actually vote. Election Day here in the States is Tuesday, November 6th.


Image via The Tonight Show