Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Gives Emotional Monologue about His Son’s Birth and Heart Disease

     May 2, 2017


Late Night hosts don’t typically lead in with heavy stories. Instead, they tend to recap the day’s events and tell jokes about it. But last night, Jimmy Kimmel decided to get real and emotional with his audience by telling them about the difficult ordeal of his son’s birth and heart disease, which required emergency surgery from one of the nation’s top doctors.

If you’re worried this might be too heavy for your morning viewing, don’t fret. As Kimmel says at the outset, it has a happy ending, and he will be the only one doing the crying. But it’s nice to see him so raw and vulnerable. I know there are countless parents who have gone through a similar experience with the birth of their child, and some aren’t as lucky. I also like that Kimmel uses the monologue to draw attention to the importance of healthcare. While it’s easy to get bogged down in the politics of the issue, ultimately what we’re talking about are real human lives like Kimmel’s son.

Watch the video below to feel a whole host of emotions. We wish Mr. Kimmel and his family all the best, and we also wish a safe and speedy recovery to his new child.