J.J. Abrams Causes Bidding War Over Spec for New TV Spy Series

     September 30, 2009


I imagine at this point J.J. Abrams could cause a bidding war over a doodle he scribbled in the back of his 8th grade science textbook.  However, Variety reports that as of right now, Abrams has ABC, NBC, and CBS jockeying not for work from his junior high period but a new  TV spec which is an action/adventure spy show.  A kind of “Alias 2.0”, perhaps?  It doesn’t really matter since as a show launcher, Abrams has pushed “Lost” and now “Fringe” into massive genre success even though he isn’t involved on the day-to-day business of either show.  Variety doesn’t mention the depth of Abrams involvement in this new show beyond his spec but I think it’s safe to say that Abrams will keep his attention focused on movies and let another writer/executive producer take on the daily operations.  Of course, the biggest question of all is how many wigs this new spy series will employ.