J.J. Abrams Recruits Phil Alden Robinson to Tell of THE WORLD’S BIGGEST DIAMOND HEIST

     May 19, 2010


Not all J.J. Abrams productions can amass the hype of the extraterrestrial Steven Spielberg-produced Super 8 or the spy drama and hopeful savior of NBC Undercovers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as intriguing.  The Star Trek director has had an adaptation of Wired magazine article “The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist” on his production slate for over a year now, but there’s some movement on the project with the hire of Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams) to write the screenplay.

In last year’s reports on the project, it was rumored that Abrams may direct, though there’s no update on said possibility.  After nearly a 20-year hiatus from feature film screenplays, Robinson’s writing career is certainly picking up again: the Oscar-nominee is also working on a Frank Sinatra biopic for Martin Scorsese.  Hit the jump for the skinny on the hyperbolized diamond heist in question.

untold_story_of_the_worlds_biggest_diamond_heist_imageHere’s the story behind the Josh Davis article, courtesy of Heat Vision:

The article, the rights to which Paramount acquired in March 2009, described the true story of an unprecedented diamond heist in Antwerp, Belgium, and the crew that pulled it off. In early 2003, a small group of Italian thieves circumvented 10 layers of security to access a vault beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center and make off with a purported $100 million in diamonds, gold and jewelry (the actual value remains a mystery).

During a six-year span, Davis scored a series of interviews with the ringleader, incarcerated in a Belgian prison, who finally divulged how it was done. Davis acquired the subject’s life rights in the process.

Check out the original Wired article here.

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