J.J. Abrams Producing NBC Pilot UNDERCOVERS; May Direct

     November 6, 2009


“Star Trek” director J.J. Abrams is once again using his producing magic to get another TV series off the ground.  Yes, I know that “What About Brian” and “Six Degrees” were both cancelled, but he’s had some success with the last two projects he helped launch, “Lost” and “Fringe”.  Now he’s going to try to give NBC a dramatic hit they sorely need in their line-up with “Undercovers”.  Hit the jump for details.

THR reports that, schedule permitting, Abrams will make “Undercovers” the first TV pilot he has directed since 2004’s “Lost” opener.  According to THR, it was the success of that pilot which helped Abrams get the gigs for “Mission: Impossible III” and later “Star Trek”.  This means that no one took much notice of the episodes he directed of “Felicity” and “Alias”.  Good thing that “Lost” turned out to be one of the best television series of all-time.

Warner Bros., the studio producing the series, is keeping mum on the details of “Undercovers” but rumor has it that the show is a cross between “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “The Bourne Identity”.  That makes sense since both of those movies were incredibly successful.  I have yet to see a spy show that would be described as a mix between “Ecks vs. Sever” and the film version of “I Spy”.