J.J. Abrams talks STAR TREK Sequel on the Red Carpet of the Saturn Awards

     June 25, 2009

j.j._abrams_image.jpgLast night at the Saturn Awards I did what every “Star Trek” fan wishes they could do…I asked director J.J. Abrams if he was going to come back for the sequel.

While he didn’t say yes or no, he said they’ve been having talks on the sequel right now and he’s excited by the possibilities. As you may have seen earlier this week, I posted an interview with “Star Trek” screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and we talked a lot about what kind of villain would be in the sequel.

J.J. told me conversations are underway discussing that very subject right now. So if you’ve been hearing no work is being done on the next “Star Trek” movie… think again.

If you loved J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” as much as I did, you’re going to love this interview. Take a look:

J.J. Abrams

  • Says they’ve been having conversations about the sequel
  • I mention how me moves on from franchise to franchise
  • I ask about the villain in the sequel
  • Comic-Con talk

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Q: Everyone wants to know, what are the chances of you getting back in the director’s chair?

Star Trek movie image Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto (1).jpgAbrams: We just started talking about ideas… we’ve just begun this process so it’s so early that it’s insane to, you know – I have no idea; but I would say that it’s that kind of feeling that as we’re talking about stories you start to salivate, like ‘oh my God I can’t wait to do that!’ and so that feels good and my guess is that as we continue it will become clearer how we will plan out what will happen.  But it’s been really fun – even the cursory discussions we’ve had so far

Q: You’re the master of starting franchises…

Abrams: No I’m not!

Q: You started a lot of really great things – “Alias”, “Fringe”… I’ve seen your track record where you start things and, kind of, move on, so I guess I’m a little nervous that “Star Trek” might not hold your attention.

Abrams: Well, all I can tell you is movies and TV shows, it’s like, I could not feel luckier to get to do these things and on “Trek” in particular because I never really knew it… I won’t be walking away from “Trek” in any way in the next film and if we’re lucky enough to get that made and, you know, maybe do another one I think there is a sense of ownership… I love that world.  I love the characters and we were so lucky to get the cast we got so I just feel like – I feel too lucky to be a part of this thing to say goodbye to it.

star_trek_movie_image__2_12.jpgQ:  I just interviewed Bob and Alex… they were talking about not having the typical movie villain but maybe having nature or…

Abrams: Oh! I see what you’re saying.  Well, I’m open to anything.  We’ve had some really interesting discussions so far but, you know – you have to be open to everything to find the right thing so the answer is sure, I’m open to that.  I think in a story it’s important to personify, somehow, what you’re up against so it’s a tricky one to figure out how to, like, fight evil wind! (evil look for emphasis).

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