Jodie Foster Talks ELYSIUM

     April 26, 2011


At the press day for the independent drama The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster, Collider was able to briefly talk to the multi-talented artist about her upcoming role in Neill Blomkamp’s next sci-fi alien film, the highly anticipated Elysium, which is starring Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley and William Fichtner. While we’ll run the portion of the interview about The Beaver closer to that film’s May 6th release date, we wanted to post the little bits she did hint at, as the film has been so closely guarded, having only revealed previously that it will involve a battle between an alien race and the human race. Check out what she had to say after the jump. You can catch up on all of our Elysium coverage here.

jodie-foster-imageQuestion: The L.A. Times quoted you this week as saying that you would be playing “the head of an alien planet” in Neill Blomkamp’s next film, Elysium. Would you say that’s an accurate description of the role?

JODIE FOSTER: Yes. I hope I’m allowed to say that. I think I’m allowed to say that. That’s pretty vague.

Is there anything else you can say about the film?

FOSTER: Those sci-fi movies are all really hush-hush. I don’t even own a screenplay. They won’t even give me a screenplay. I’ve read it, but they won’t give me one to physically keep in my home ‘cause they’re so worried about everybody.

What was it about that project that appealed to you and made you want to get involved? Did you just want to work with Neill Blomkamp?

FOSTER: Yes, definitely. He did District 9, which I think is as close to a perfect movie as you can get. It’s just an extraordinary film. And, this film has a lot of that social commentary in it, but uses sci-fi to get there. It’s great.

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