Joe Carnahan’s CONTINUE Moving Forward at Fox

     May 31, 2012


Though it’s still a little hard to believe, director Joe Carnahan’s The Grey remains one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year.  The “Liam Neeson fights wolves” movie blindsided me as a surprisingly introspective and meditative look at survival, life, and death, anchored by an emotionally gut-punching performance from Neeson.  The film did well at the box office for an R-rated survival pic, taking in over $75 million.  Hot off the film’s commercial and critical success, Carnahan committed to directing a remake of the 1974 action pic Death Wish, and it now looks like another one of his passion projects is moving forward: an action spin on the Groundhog Day premise called Continue.  Hit the jump for more.

joe_carnahan_continueTwitch reports that 20th Century Fox is moving forward with the actioner and apparently Carnahan hopes to reunite with The Grey star Frank Grillo on the project, though casting has yet to officially begin.  The story “follows a former soldier forced to re-live the same day over and over while on the run from assassins trying to kill him for reasons unknown.”  It’s a bit reminiscent of Source Code and the upcoming Doug Liman actioner All You Need Is Kill starring Tom Cruise.  The latter centers on a soldier in a war against aliens who finds himself living the same day over and over after being killed, in effect turning him into a better soldier.

Though similarly plotted films exist, Carnahan normally brings a grittiness and a realistically emotional perspective to his projects so I’m inclined to believe that there’s more than enough room for Continue.  The director is also developing a big screen iteration of Mark Millar‘s Nemesis and the drama Killing Pablo.

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