Joe Hill on Hill House Comics, Writing Horror, and Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’

     July 25, 2019

Just before San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics announced a huge addition to their already promising Black Label line: Hill House Comics. They’ve pulled out all of the stops when making a stand with this imprint. In addition to rebranding many iconic Vertigo titles they’re also introducing an onslaught of brand new original content. Overseeing this cornerstone of DC’s Black Label is Horror Icon, Joe Hill!

With his Hill House Comics, Hill gets the chance to dive deeper into his happy place – Horror Comics. No stranger to the darker side of comic books he’s penned everything from IDW’s Locke & Key (which Netflix is currently adapting), to The Cape. In addition to overseeing the line, he’s writing multiple books, including the first out of the gate: Basketful of Heads.


Image via DC/Hill House Comics

Few can argue it’s the golden age of Comic Book Films, but for many, it’s also a Golden Age of Horror. What better way to bring the two together than letting Joe Hill unleash terror new comic book Wednesday’s on the spinner rack? I sat down with Hill to talk about his comic influences, the glory of recent horror films and television, his Dad’s (horror legend Stephen King) contribution to the world of X-Men (for charity no less), and so much more.

Joe Hill:

  • How the Hill House line began then came to fruition
  • Comics being built on a foundation of Horror.
  • The Importance of comics having a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Joe’s Baby Hulk pitch!
  • His three Gateway Comic recommendations.
  • How his strengths tie beautifully into the medium of comic books.
  • His dad’s charity X-Men book, and his own love of comics.
  • Locke & Key series coming next year! (and Netflix’s Helicopters of Secrecy)
  • Joker excitement and other comic adaptations he’s excited for.
  • A breakdown of the first six Hill House titles.

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