Joel Kinnaman Revels Why ‘The Secrets We Keep’ Was the Toughest Thing Emotionally That He’s Done

     September 17, 2020


With director Yuval Adler’s The Secrets We Keep now in theaters and available On-Demand October 16th, I recently got to speak with Joel Kinnaman about making the post-WWII thriller. In the film, Noomi Rapace plays a woman living a quiet life in the suburbs with her husband (Chris Messina) when she recognizes a neighbor (Kinnaman) as a soldier who she believes committed heinous war crimes against her. Seeking vengeance, she kidnaps the man and holds him hostage despite his repeated denials. You can watch the trailer here.


Image via Bleecker Street

During the interview, Kinnaman revealed why making The Secrets We Keep was the toughest thing emotionally that he’s ever done, how he was originally going to play Rapace’s husband and reveals what else changed in the script. He also talks about how he went to high school with Rapace and that they’ve been looking for another project to work on together since Child 44, why he got into fights with director Yuval Adler on set, and more. In addition, as a huge fan of Apple’s TV series For All Mankind (Kinnaman plays one of the leads named Edward Baldwin) he talked about how they’re just about done filming Season 2 after the COVID production break, why you won’t understand the grand vision of For All Mankind until you get deeper into it, why he’s so excited for Season 3, and how fans can expect the series to come back later this year or early next year.

Check out what Joel Kinnaman had to say in the player below and further down the page is exactly what we talked about.


Image via Bleecker Street

Joel Kinnaman:

  • How the only positive about the pandemic is he can wear a mask and be anonymous.
  • What TV series would he like to guest star on?
  • What has he been binge watching?
  • What was it about The Secrets We Keep that got him involved?
  • How they worked together on Child 44 and wanted to work together again.
  • How Kinnaman was originally going to play Rapace’s husband and also talks about what else changed in the script.
  • Can he leave the character he’s playing on set?
  • How it was a very tough shoot on The Secrets We Keep due to being tied up and how he got into big fights with the director and was always agitated.
  • How even though you know you are making a movie your body doesn’t know.
  • Has he wrapped on For All Mankind Season 2?
  • How you won’t understand the grand vision of For All Mankind until you get deeper into it.